Administrative and Technical Assistance

Administrative and Technical Assistance

Depending on the organization, administrative managers may be involved in a variety of responsibilities, including:


Business planning Project management Finances

  • Developing budgets
  • Research cost reduction
  • Handling accounts debits / credits


Human Resources

  • Recruiting and training of employees
  • Payroll processing
  • Employee performance Reports

Clerical and Installations

Writing contracts and using database systems.

Our administrative and technical assistance is based on the implementation of our module PM Project Management, accompanied by professionals capable of providing effectiveness in various areas:

  • Administration
  • Financial management  and control
  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Environment
  • Technical Assistance
  • Logistics and security assistance

Logistical Assistance

The  oil and gas industry demands the highest standards in logistics management. the complexity and scale of the projects, in some of the
world’s most difficult terrains and most remote locations, require proven expertise and total reliability. TESINT provides logistic ...