Health, Safety and Environment (HSEQ)

Health, Safety and Environment (HSEQ)

TESINT plans to reach the highest standards of health, safety and environment (HSEQ) performance and intend to continue strengthening our position as a leading supplier for the management and supervision of safety in offshore projects and land safely, compatible worldwide.

Our resources are trained to implement and enforce the security and respect the environment, implementing action programs for our people, our communities in each project in which we operate in.

TESINT promises to implement dynamic HSE programs and cultivate a culture of organization committed to superior HSE performance.

We can help you achieve your compliance goals of HSE, by offering customers worldwide a wide range of quality services to help with the development, implementation and ongoing management of HSE programs to ensure the health and safety of employees, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Monitoring and Control Project

We have highly specialized resources to intervene in the processes of project control EPC. Our consultants can carry out packages of Project
Management Controls designed to meet the needs of your business and organizational goals. TESINT Colombia for the control and monitoring of ...