Outsourcing is based on the concept of outsourcing to sub-contracting companies in the engineering, construction and procurement, as well as drilling companies and industrial production, mining, infrastructure and alternative energy.  This alternative is most favorable for the development of activities using resources selected for specific activities in the projects at the time of need.

TESINT serves as your ideal provider to meet your needs wherever required and has the capacity to provide resources to ensure the effectiveness and quality for any job provider.

TESINT has its databases specifically designed for all sectors for which holds more than 10,000 (ten thousand resources) properly selected and ready to be presented at record accompanied by administrative services and logistical assistance throughout the time period are the customer service.

Consulting / Interventory

TESINT provides consulting services to Oil & Gas Clients for Projects Execution and Control during all its phases: design, execution and closure.
Besides, our company guarantees that all different structural components are built following design procedures and current technical Norms and ...