About Us

About Us

We are a leading company in offering services of technical and administrative assistance to companies in the engineering, construction and procurement sector.  As well as drilling, industrial production, mining, infrastructure and alternative energy companies with a strong vision of innovation in providing assistance with our own resources and tools to ensure work and effective results with high professionalism and seriousness.

TESINT means confidence in carrying out your businesses based on our responsibility for everything related to our business to ensure fair coordinating and reasonable key cooperation in the success of our services.

Our projection is based on a sustainability processes, oriented towards excellence and clear objectives for the future with monitoring the possible risks prevention management.

TESINT was created with clear principles of honesty, transparency and fairness in our work assigned by adopting the highest standards in the international world of standards that are applied in management and mandated activities.

Project Management

TESINT has integrated services delivered with our expert professional staff to provide organizations with the confidence that their projects will
facilitate delivery of their corporate goals. Besides, we work with our clients to plan and manage both projects and programs from start to ...